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Monday, 29 April 2019 10:06

The Power of Football

SUNDAY 28th APRIL. Leckwith 3G, weather sunny and calmer.
BANGLADESH 3 YEMEN 2 (Cardiff Community Cohesion Cup final)

We all have matches that we plan to attend for weeks or more; But sometimes those we chance upon are just as rewarding, and my interest was piqued by a tweet a few days ago encouraging people to attend the final of the Cardiff Community Cohesion Cup.

I had been vaguely aware of this tournament before - it's been running several years, organised by South Wales Police with the aim of involving Cardiff's ethnic minorities. The winners will get to play against a police team, in a showpiece game at Cardiff City Stadium, and this year the two finalists are teams from the Bangladeshi and Yemeni communities. So far, so intriguing, but a bonus is that it's being played on the outdoor 3G at City's Leckwith complex, a pitch I've never previously seen a game on.

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