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Why You Should Join Your Local Amateur Football Team

Football is a sport enjoyed by many as both a spectator and a participant. If you have been considering getting back into it and starting to play again, there are many ways you can do so. Here are some of the top reasons you should join your local amateur football team.

You Love Football

First and foremost, you love football! The beautiful game is enjoyed by millions of people just like you all over the world. Remember that the vast majority of other players will never get anywhere near professional level, so there is plenty of company for you. If you love to attend every match of your local team but you are itching to get out on the pitch like you did in your school days, the local amateur team might be for you.

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You Want to Keep Fit

The older we get, the more we think about how we are going to keep fit and exercise. Instead of hitting the gym and spending hours on a treadmill, joining a sports club is a great way for you to get your cardio in. You can have fun and work out without even realising it.

Whether your group is just for an average kick-about with no real stakes or you are playing for an actual amateur team with designated training nights, you are bound to be able to end up moving and exercising much more than if you sat at home doing nothing. The first few sessions might be a bit tough, especially if you haven't exercised in a while, but you will be into the swing of things in no time at all.

You Want to Make New Friends

While social media allows us to keep in touch with old friends, adult life doesn't always offer us many opportunities to make new ones. If you have moved to a new city for work, joining a sports team might be the perfect way for you to meet some new people and settle into your new home faster.

Who knows, you could even meet a future best friend in the team. A successful team is one which works well together so if you are looking for some fun and the chance to get to know new people, you cannot go wrong with a football team.

The Team is Waiting for You

Check local forums and newspapers to see where the club meets. You might even try asking your local pub as they might have a team for a pub league, or you could start a quick lunchtime five-a-side at your job. Football is such a popular sport that you should not have any problems finding like-minded people to play alongside you.
What are you waiting for? See if there is a local team for you to join now

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