New Welsh strip made available in women’s sizes too for the first time

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Every time a team unveils a new strip, you can bet that there will be plenty of controversy. There will be some who don't like it, others who see it as a cynical marketing ploy and even a few who think it is a positive innovation.

For once, there are more falling into the latter category with the latest home kit to be released. This is not because there is anything particularly groundbreaking about the shirt itself – the red jersey with white trim and the traditional three stripes is no great departure from what we have seen before.

What makes this strip so different is that for the first time, Wales are following the lead of practically every other team on the planet and offering the strip in women's fit.

Bookmakers waiting on a win

The new strip was seen in action for the first time during the 2-0 defeat to France on 10 November, and then again in last week's 1-1 draw against Panama. There are a whole range of unusual football betting offers in the online world, but perhaps the one that Wales fans will take the most interest in will be when the new strip will see its first win.

Following Chris Coleman's departure, it is a time of change for the Welsh team, but there is plenty of time to rebuild before their next international fixtures in the new year.

Responding to criticism

While it will be a few months before the players will don their new shirts again in anger, fans of both sexes at least know that they will be able to wear theirs over Christmas. Wales faced a barrage of criticism last year for failing to provide replica shirts in women's sizes in the run up to Euro 2016. Manufacturer Adidas argued at the time that the shirts were designed to be worn by both sexes, but it was clearly not a debate that they or Wales wanted to reopen.

New away strip?

The shirts have met with a largely positive reception from fans, although they have not caused as much of a stir as the yellow away kit that made a one-off appearance for their World Cup qualifier against Moldova in September.

Not only did that shirt bring them better fortunes – the 2-0 win broke a five game losing streak that can now be officially blamed on the outgoing grey away strip – but it also caused a social media sensation, with fans taking to Facebook and Twitter to express their admiration and ask where they could buy a replica.

It later emerged that this was not intended as a long-term rebranding and in fact consisted of standard Adidas training gear with Wales badges sewn onto it.

Disappointing for fans? Perhaps, but for anyone with some basic sewing skills, there could be a silver lining, as anyone who really wants one could certainly make it themselves at a fraction of the cost of official merchandise.

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