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Where's the Balance?

Many times here, and especially in the magazine, we have bemoaned the lack of attention to domestic Welsh football in the mainstream Welsh broadcast media.

Our national league and its teams rarely register a mention on BBC or ITV local bulletins or among the main stories on news websites. Only a week ago the annual 'Cost of Football' survey was reported rather neutrally, the opportunity to base a headline story around the value for money offered by the JD Welsh Premier overlooked.

So it's all the more galling when the same media pick up so eagerly when there's a less positive story. We saw it before with the Port Talbot allegations a couple of years ago, and this week the abandonment of a friendly match at Rhyl somehow suddenly became a major focus of attention.

While deplorable, the fracas at Belle Vue was hardly a full-scale riot, just a punch-up that got out of hand. Abandonment makes it sound more serious, but that probably only occurred because the fixture was a friendly. Yet the national UK media were quickly splashing the story across their websites and social media.

Once again, Wales and its football system negatively portrayed. Where's the balance?

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