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Monday, 01 May 2017 11:03

Canaries end on a high

A very early start, travelling north for a weekend of cup finals. The decision to hold the Welsh Cup final in Bangor on a Sunday means travelling on Saturday anyway, and the Huws Gray Cup final at Conwy fits nicely into the plan.

Train times mean I get to Conwy with several hours to spare - no hardship in a lovely castle town by the sea on a dry, if slightly chilly day. But by 1.30, sightseeing is done and I'm out at the Morfa Ground to the west of the town, along with the early arrivals from Flint and Caernarfon for the Huws Gray Alliance's showpiece final. As a former Welsh Premier ground, the Morfa is well-appointed, although it's a shame the large seated stand behind the town end goal is cordoned off, meaning spectators are confined mainly to the railway side, with its terracing and stand, and the flat standing area at the clubhouse end. But with an attendance in the low hundreds - and many of them kids not really watching the game anyway - it doesn't matter all that much.

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Sunday, 01 May 2016 07:39

Better Late than Never ?

SATURDAY 30th APRIL. The Rock, heavy rain and sunny intervals.
Three and a half months since I set off to watch the Druids vs. the Canaries in a crucial top-of-the-table Alliance clash, I set off to try again. It would have had bearing on the title race when postponed - frostbound - in January, but it's just as significant today: Caernarfon can clinch the title if they win, whereas - because Caernarfon failed to obtain a Welsh Premier licence - Druids can virtually clinch promotion with three points today. Although, in both cases, they have two more games after today to get the points they need.

It's also a good day to be getting away from Cardiff nice and early, as travel in and through the cty will again be disrupted by a rugby event - this time two regions games in the stadium. What were the marketers on when they dreamed up the ludicrous "Judgement Day" label for a couple of end of season local derbies? Still, like most things WRU, the public seem to swallow it - probably because it's another excuse for an all-day binge.  [article continues - if not visible click "Read More" below]

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