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Thursday, 18 August 2016 07:07

Mission Accomplished

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WEDNESDAY 17th AUGUST. The Willows, humid.
BRIDGEND STREET 3 YNYSYGERWN 0 (Nathaniel Car Sales Welsh League Cup, Round 1)
Another warm day gives way to a muggy evening in Cardiff. Rain is forecast - having watched a game in balmy, sunny conditions last night, it would perhaps be too much to expect that twice in a season. This is not Brazil, after all.

The Welsh League is sensibly using these light summer evenings to get the early rounds of the league cup out of the way, and the draw has rather unkindly brought Neath-based league newcomers Ynysygerwn all the way to the capital on a Wednesday evening. My bus takes 45 minutes to complete the four mile journey into town, so I feel for the west Walians.

At The Willows, £3 admission and £1 for a programme secures my evening's entertainment in friendly and agreeable surroundings - for while Tremorfa isn't scenic, the bright red-painted ground that 'The Mission' have created here enhances it no end. I'm in a crowd of about 60-70 here, while, over at Leckwith, almost 20,000 have chosen to pay up to ten times more to watch City's attempts to score their first goal of the season. I know where I'd rather be.

Despite having to field an outfield player in goal tonight due to an injury on Saturday, Bridgend Street look favourites tonight against the Neath & District champions, who themselves have players missing, unsurprisingly midweek after work. And within a minute, Street are ahead, Nicky Davidson scoring from distance. As last night, an early goal invites thoughts of a rout, but it's soon apparent it won't be that one-sided. Ynysygerwn are competitive, appealing hopefully for absolutely everything, especially offsides. So much so, in fact, that after twenty minutes of such appeals, the referee has a stern word with them, pointing out that his linesmen will tell him when there's an offside and he doesn't need their input as well.

The question is whether the visitors can stay in the game and maybe snatch an equaliser. For a while, it looks possible, they have their share of attacks and chances, but after 28 minutes their high line of defence is caught out when Davidson receives a long ball and lashes home his second goal.

This makes the second half fairly academic. A comeback never really looks on the cards and eventually Paul Fowler puts the game further out of the visitors' reach with a third Bridgend Street goal, after sme hesitant defending on the edge of the 18-yard box. Bridgend Street go through to meet the winners of Tredegar v Trethomas in next week's second round, and as the rain finally arrives with perfect timing, just after I start the bus journey home.

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