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Saturday, 15 November 2014 20:38

Young Guns shoot down Celtic

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SATURDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2014: Celtic Park - bright.
It's finally stopped raining. A downpour overnight leaves enough room for doubt over postponements, but Saturday dawns dry and the forecast is good. I don't plan to look any further than the handful of rescheduled Welsh Cup ties, and I'm inclined to head east where there are three games. By mid-morning, with positive vibes from Cwmbran (if not absolutely definitive), I've made my decision and I'm heading for Celtic Park.

Sunday, 09 November 2014 09:08

Cornelly beat the weather - but not Goytre

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SATURDAY 8th NOVEMBER: Meadow Street, wet and windy.
Returning to Wales after five days away, I find that the rainy season has arrived; heavy rain lashes south Wales on Friday evening and overnight, and early on Saturday postponements start to be listed. In the worst of the downpour on Saturday morning, I seriously doubt if any grass pitch will be playable, never mind my chosen Welsh Cup tie at Cornelly. Since the Round 2 draw I've had this game in my sights, a true "magic of the cup"-style fixture with four levels separating the two teams, and a local derby as well.

Sunday, 02 November 2014 08:44


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SATURDAY 1st NOVEMBER - Richmond Park, wet and windy
CARMARTHEN TOWN 0 BANGOR CITY 2 (Corbett Sports welsh Premier League)
A late change of plan sees me heading west to see if the Premier League's bottom side, Bangor City, can turn the corner with a first win of the season. An interesting fixture, but I hadn't planned to travel far, and had lined up a new venue in the Gwent Amateur Cup, until 10.45 when I discovered that Trethomas Bluebirds haven't actually moved to a new ground-share, as I'd been advised. Plan abandoned - and Carmarthen presents itself as Plan B.

Saturday, 25 October 2014 19:56

Marvels, Stars and a Trophy Round-up

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Clubs from every corner of Wales battled today for places in the last 32 of the FAW Trophy, and there were some intriguing inter-league encounters despite the draw still being regionalised. A round-up follows at the end of this piece, but first our featured game - which was a more local affair between two valley clubs from the South Wales Senior League...

Saturday, 04 October 2014 18:45

Uncharted Territory for Dynamo Aber

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SATURDAY 4th OCTOBER. Morgan Jones Park, sunny, dry afternoon.
DYNAMO ABER 4 AFC BUTETOWN 2 (FAW Welsh Cup 1st Round Proper)
A Welsh Cup conference date comes round again and of course this early in the season there are still many options: still needing to be reasonably local, I had a shortlist but one of the two Cardiff contenders was scratched from it when the tie was reversed. The other is Canton Libs, a tempting fixture but the Athletic Stadium venue doesn't inspire. In the end I decide on a quick return to Dynamo Aber - I enjoyed my visit there in the last round and this time there's the incentive of a programme. Added to which it's a simple, quick bus journey over the mountain.

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