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Sunday, 04 February 2018 17:19

Cup Football in the Mud - again

SATURDAY 3rd FEBRUARY. Ynystawe Park, light showers.
Another of those Saturday mornings, watching the news of postponements and mulling over the options. I note a couple of postponements to the west and more or less give up on the idea of a day trip in that direction for a WWFA Cup tie in Swansea - until, that is, Ynystawe tweet that their game is actually on. Hasty preparations and a dash for the bus.

Getting through and out of Cardiff is challenging - it's a dreaded Six Nations match-day. Town is full of the rugby crowd - more cartoon-Welsh than a football crowd, all daffodil hats, Max Boyce buskers and Prince of Wales feathers. The train to Swansea is inevitably late, the knock-on effect of the surge in traffic through Central Station: not enough of a delay to constitute a disaster, but irritating nonetheless.

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