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Saturday, 15 February 2014 20:05


SATURDAY 15TH FEBRUARY: Ynys Park - sunshine & showers
TON & GELLI BC 3 CARDIFF MET 2 (FAW Trophy Quarter-final)
After a week of unprecedented storms - including one overnight on Friday - it's clear that for yet another weekend we're going to lose most of the fixture list. In fact, I'm not really expecting anything to be on except a few fixtures on 3G surfaces. With the wind and squally rain continuing through the morning, this seems like a week when the best option might be staying in. The updates online during the morning more or less confirm that only a handful of games are going to survive - but to my great surprise, Ton & Gelli's FAW Trophy match is confirmed as on. I'd sort of written off the trophy quarter finals as either likely to be off, or too difficult to get to, so this unexpected development means an easy decision: I'm off to the Rhondda.

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