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Sunday, 18 May 2014 06:27


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FRIDAY 16TH MAY: Sully Sports Ground - mild and pleasant evening
A lovely late spring evening and there are few nicer spots to spend it than Swanbridge / Sully between Penarth and Barry. This is the venue used by the South Wales FA for their play-offs for promotion to level 6 of the pyramid, which means local 'district league' champions seeking promotion to the South Wales Amateur or Senior Leagues.

This year there were four eligible champions from the nine leagues and as there are only two places available, they have to compete in a round-robin tournament (Sully is ideal for this as it has two adjacent pitches). Tonight, the second of the three matchdays, the two teams who won Tuesday's opening games are meeting on the main pitch (Cardiff Cosmos v Cefn Cribwr Boys' Club) while the two others meet on the second pitch nearer the cliff-edge (Dynamo Aber v Glyncorrwg).

Taking up a position near the corners of the two pitches, I try to keep tabs on both. Even with my attention thus divided, it's obvious we have two very different games here. On the main pitch, an end-to-end battle with some flowing football. But on the second pitch, a more disjointed affair, with a fierce offside-trap being operated by Aber and frequent delays to retrieve the ball. Yellow-clad Glyncorrwg are falling for it repeatedly, and already their frustration is showing in some reckless challenges. Fifteen minutes in, Cosmos score from a corner and seconds later Dynamo Aber, on their very first foray upfield, do likewise. The flurry of action over, the two games continue with all the quality football being played on the main pitch. Five minutes before half time Cosmos double their lead when a free-kick from the left is headed home, probably off the head of a defender. That game reaches half-time first, so attention turns in the other direction where Dynamo Aber score two quick goals before the break.

A quick interlude before we're underway again, in the increasingly chilly breeze. Further foals come on pitch 2, with Glyncorrwg losing both shape and discipline. Meanwhile on pitch 1, Cefn Cribwr are battling to get back in the game and with 20 minutes left they are denied by a poor decision - the ball over the line but rebounding off and attacker. They don't get a goal back until the 87th minute, by which time a late trio of goals is sinking Glyncorrwg further. The whistles go, leaving Cosmos almost certain of promotion (a point next Tuesday against Dynamo Aber will secure it) while poor Glyncorrwg look out of the equation, pointless and with a negative goal difference in double figures.

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