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Friday, 13 November 2015 09:04

What every Welsh fan will wear in 2016...

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We can now confidently predict what thousands of Welsh men and women will be wearing next summer. No, we haven't acquired a new fashion correspondent - but the kits that Wales will wear at Euro 2016 have been unveiled.

Most of the fans who follow Wales home and away have never had the opportunity to see their heroes at a 'finals' tournament. The World Cup finals in Sweden in 1958 was a very long time ago - before the era of cheap travel and widespread 'football tourism', and in any case the majority.of current Welsh travelling fans weren't born then. Yes, it's true Wales reached the quarter-finals of the Euros in 1976, but there was no hosted tournament to travel to under the competition's format back then.

So Euro 2016, conveniently close in France, is an opportunity that tens of thousands of Welsh fans are going to seize without regard for the cost or logistics. And it's a fair bet that most of them are going to want to be sporting the latest Welsh kit designs, which will be available in the next few weeks.

The new first choice, or 'home' kit, worn for the Wales v Netherlands home friendly on 13th November, is reassuringly and traditionally red. The shirts have met with approval on fans' forums, and while the decision to revert to white shorts surprised some, we welcome it as a respectful nod to the iconic Welsh team of the 1958 World Cup finals.

The second choice, or 'away' kit, represents more of a break with colours of the past: Welsh away kits have ranged mostly through white, green and daffodil yellow, with the odd blue aberration, but the latest is an on-trend mixture of grey and charcoal enlivened by a bright 'solar' green trim. This one is likely to grow on the fans as the initial shock-of-the-new wears off and there's no doubt it will become a must-have item for the army of truly committed fans who follow the Wales team wherever they play.

Wales kits of the past are recalled with varying degrees of affection. These two designs are likely to join the most popular, especially if Wales can reward the fans with some memorable experiences in France next summer.

Watch out for an exclusive Welsh Football competition to win one of these shirts - details coming soon on our twitter feed @CollinsWFM

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